This program supports and encourages students to get upside down in a safe, fun way that starts by learning exercises that strengthen and prepare the body for gymnastic and acrobatic elements. Further, the learning process is achieved through both a technical/biomechanical explanation as well as a physical movement demonstration. Students are catered for at different levels as each gym/acro element is broken down into a set of skills. 


We start with the basics of handstand and cartwheels and then move through to more complex movements involving arches, jumps and rotations. For the more experienced students we focus on back flips, barani’s, front aerials, front handsprings, somersaults, layouts and more.


Dance acrobatics involves choreographic elements and beautiful variations of the elements learnt in Tumble/Acrobatics classes that are suitable for a range of disciplines and create a versatile and unlimited number of skills.


Tumbling and acrobatics develops student’s strength, flexibility, proprioception, confidence and trust in a dynamic, exciting and safe way through the program we offer.