Infinite Edge Movement offers a range of workshops for intensive and specialised focus.


Dance Acrobatics Workshops

Programmed for dancers specific for elements that are choreographed into routines including:

- Variation of entries and exits of acro skills
- Skills suited for specific disciplines eg hip hop or contemporary
- Techniques suited for stage surface


Suited for all ages and abilities in both a competitive and recreational format:
- Cheer is a fast paced, dynamic sport that encompasses dance, jumps, gymnastics tumbling and a range of acrobatic stunts. 
Cheer leading teaches students how to increase their strength, flexibility and coordination whilst also learning confidence through performance.

- As a team sport, Cheer creates a positive social outlet where students connect with other team members to build pyramids and choreographic formations.

Gymnastic Body Strength and Conditioning

Suited for all abilities and ages to learn body preparation for learning gymnastics and acrobatics skills.
This workshop explains:

- Bio mechanics of key elements of gymnastics, including muscle activation and weight distribution
- Physical requirements of safe and effective gymnastic skills - injury prevention and rehabilitation


Rock N Roll Acrobatics

This is a new and exciting sport to reach Australia from Europe. Rock n Roll acro is a fantastic combination of dance and partner gymnastic acrobatics. Suited for all abilities and ages, and various numbers. This workshop involves:

- Partner Acrobatics skills in couples with a male base and female top
- Starting skills that maintain contact between the couple and then progresses to release skills
- Couples dance requiring timing, rhythm, synchronicity and flair.